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Post  MrBright on Tue May 03, 2011 8:57 pm

my char

From MrBright To Dubious, Yesterday at 11:46 pm
General Information
Name: Jaden Walker “Mr Bright”
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Side: Heros
Home: Duskbreak slums
Looks: He has 4 inches of blonde hair hanging over his face, it has a slight wave to the left. His eyes are hazel but more bluish than green. He is tan with a little bit of freckles on his face and arms. He has a muscular build weighing 190 pound. He has a height to match at six foot one. When he is not fighting crime, Jaden is usually wearing a tight white t shirt with a rolled up plaid shirt over it. When he is , he wears a bandana over his face and a baseball jersey and a baseball cap that say “Mr. Bright” on the back. In any case, he always wears blue jeans and white nike sneakers.

Personal Information
Personality: For a guy living in an apartment in the slums, Jaden is really smart. All of his friends say he is the smartest guy they know. He is quiet to most people, because he is afraid it will reveal his identity on accident. Mostly optimistic, although he has a few moments when he gives up, but dosent everyone? His super powers have given him more confidence in his survival in such an abysmal place.
Likes: He likes eating, sleeping, fighting, learning new abilities, watching tv and reading. His hobby is cooking food because he does not like most restaurant food.
Dislikes: He hates the DuskBreaker gang for putting his hometown in this situation, in fact he hates crime altogether. That is basicly it.
Fears: He is afraid of causing harm with his powers.
Sexual Orientation: Girls… I think
Relationship Status: single
Powers: Photon Control

Weapon Information [if any]:

History and RP Sample

History: Jaden was born in a middle class family in what used to be Mount Haven. He had a good life up until it happened. Many mutants where quarantined in the city, the dusk breakers soon took control. The city was renamed Dusk Break and the gang wanted to use people as experiments for mutant abilities, and guess who was chosen? Jaden, at the age of seven, was stripped away from his family, who were then killed and brought to a laboratory. They tampered with his dna, adding strength and speed and the ability to control photons. The experiment was a success, and Jaden was supposed to become a member. But the young boy had other ideas, in the ultimate irony, the boy escaped with the powers given to him by his captors. Years passed and jaden wanted to do something about the dusk breakers. So Jaden, who had been practicing with his power since his escape from the lab, created the alter ego Mr Bright to bring the duskbreakers to justice and return peace to the city.

RP Sample: Jaden zoomed by the slums being chased by a few gang members. He pissed them off, he REALLY pissed them off.
Flashback Start
"Gemme your money" said one of the gang members to an elderly man in the slums, the man had just taken a wrong turn and he was already suffering.
"Hey tough guy" said jaden angrily. he hated robbers so much, especially if they were from the dusk breakers. "pick on someone your own size" jaden continued. The robber angrily turned around, giving the man a chance to get out. He then proceeded to smash the robbers face in
Flashback End
(Is this what u ment by rp example?)

Strength: 2
Speed: 2
Fighting Ability: 2
Power Control: 4
Durability: 2

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Jaden Walker (aka: mr bright Empty Re: Jaden Walker (aka: mr bright

Post  Cold Shock on Tue May 03, 2011 9:02 pm

Yes it is and approved.

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