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Post  Mr.KnowItAll on Wed May 04, 2011 12:47 am

General Information
Name: Korbin Cage but most people just calls him Chill
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Side: Hero
Home: Town Square
Looks: He stands about 5'4 weighting about 156 pounds. Korbin keeps his hair in a short black spiky style. He wears a red bandea around his forehead. His eyes are blue literally due to his ice powers. His attire includes a white long white robes with a hood to cover his face kinda like a ninja. Korbin also wears a small silver mask underneath the hood just in case. When not in costume Korbin wear a red shirt with some blues jeans and brown timber land boots.

Personal Information
Personality: Korbin is usually very passive about life giving the impression that he is lazy. He just doesn't like being in charge but rather go with the flow of things. He is very curious to the point of being nosy about his surroundings always searching for answers to his questions which gets him into trouble with his enemies as well as friends. Korbin is very casual and friendly often seeking to tag along on adventures or just hanging out with friends. He also has a sense of humor often mocking people with scarcasm. Korbin is very intelligent in his own way. He is a college student majoring in genetics hoping that one day he could find a cure to the mutation. Korbin also has a since of duty to protect people seeing his powers as a gift to serve for good of mankind.
Likes: Crime fighting, hanging out, chocolate, women, and vanilla ice cream
Dislikes: clowns, Fire, heights, injustice, and diet soda
Fears: Falling, women again(he is very shy), and being ubale to protect his loved ones
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Powers: Cryokensis

Weapon Information [if any]: None at the moment

History and RP Sample

History: Korbin was born in the Upper Town District with a powerful wealthy family. When his parents had first heard about the city being taken over by the city they were unfazed and generally lacked interest. They knew that the city local law enforcements would keep them safe from the horrible mutants, because of their social influence. They figured that their money and power would keep the mutants away from their peaceful lives. They were wrong. Their only child Korbin was in fact a mutant whose powers first became active at the age of 10 when he accidently froze his bottle of coke by holding it in his hand. His parents didn't see him, so Korbin tried to hide his power hoping they would go away. Korbin's parents were very prejudice against mutants calling them freaks and mistakes of nature. No matter how Korbin tried to surpress his powers he couldn't stop freezing everything he touched. His parents soon found out that their very son was a mutant. To spare embrassment from the community, they secretly left Korbin alone to fend for himself in the town square district. Korbin wandered the streets for days as an orphan, until he was picked up by Mr. Cage and his wife. They cleaned him up, gave him food, and eventually adopted him as their son since they had no children. They both in fact mutants and taught Korbin that his powers were nothing to be afraid of, and he should embrace them. Korbin changed his entire outlook about himself and mutants. For then on he would spent his life helping people. Now as an adult Korbin patrols the streets as a superhero known as Chill.

RP Sample: Korbin was walking to his appartment from school. It was late at night and even Korbin knew it wasn't safe to be walking alone at night in these parts. Thugs and muggers were known to scope the streets at night looking an easy. Korbin could sense that he was being followed. He looked behing his back to see that three guys were already trailing him. By the looks of their clothes they were part of the Three of Ace's, a local crime gang. Korbin looked at his watch on his left arm. It was about 10:45pm at night. If he fought these guys it would take longer to get home and Korbin had a 8:00 am class tomorrow he needed the sleep. Oh well he guess that a good night sleep would have to wait. He couldn't just run away, so they could release their frustration on another victim. Korbing walked into a dark alley where the muggers were hoping to ambush him. After they entered the dark alley, a flash of blue light appeared followed a gust of frost which left the alley. Korbing simply walked out the alley stating "That was easy."

Fighting Ability-1
Power Control-3

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Looks good, but for future reference separate the individual sections. Like what's under personality seems really smashed. APPROVED

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