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Magmakinesis  Empty Magmakinesis

Post  Cobdogred on Wed May 04, 2011 3:37 am

Power Name- Magmakinesis

User- Iken

General Abilities- (A simple explanation of what the power does)

Level 1- Awakens basic pyrokinesis such as fireballs, flame throwers, feet and hand rocket boosters as well as create a barrier of fire.

Level 2- Awakens basic geokinesis such as small earthquakes, earth armor, create small hills, split the ground, and general each shape manipulation.

Level 3- Allows for mastery of both prior elements. Mastery allows for large amounts of fire as well as manipulate large areas of ground/earth.

Level 4- Awakens basic magmakinesis such as magma balls, magma armor/barriers, small volcano creation, and general shape manipulation.

Level 5- Mastery of magma as well as stamina to make large scale changes such as creation of large volcanoes, earthquakes, and forest fires.

Weakness- Large amounts of water will cancel out the fire, and weaken the magma and earth elements. Maybe dangerous for allies, so it maybe hard for the user to gain them.

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Magmakinesis  Empty Re: Magma Powers

Post  Dubious on Wed May 04, 2011 9:50 pm


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