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Post  Cold Shock on Wed May 04, 2011 11:59 pm

General Information
Name: Kenjiro Nakamura [savage]
Home: Slums
Looks:Savage.... Images11

Personal Information
Personality:Kenjiro is a laid back person, a very laid back person. He enjoys just hanging out with his friends but also loves to fight. He enjoys a challenge and never backs down from a fight, he thinks that all who try to avoid a fight are cowards. He likes to hang out on the sea, he is a nice person, but he is a tad bit greedy when it comes to things that he wants. He also loves to do martial arts and meditate to clear his mind.
Likes: Meditating,Killing,Fighting
Fears: Not much
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status:Single
Powers: Regen

Weapon Information [if any]:A very large Machete

History and RP Sample

Kenjiro was born the only mutant in his family it seemed. With mutants feared he did anything he could to gain respect of class mates. This included being shot sevral times and cutting off limbs. Though as he got older and into his teens he began to give up on getting his peers to like him and began to relax a bit more. The quartine happend when he was in his late teens and thats when...They showed up. The duskbreakers the ones who killed his family and for what? No reason just to prove their not afraid to take advantage of the situation their in and not afraid to use their powers. Thats when Kenjiro did it taking a large Machete and mask the young man began to hunt them down like animals killing any of them that got in his way of his target...Cold Shock.

RP Sample:
See Cold Shock app.

Fighting Ability: 3
Power Control:4

Cold Shock

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