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Sebastian "Divided" Empty Sebastian "Divided"

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General Information
Name: Sebastian (Aidan, Damien, Kirke, Lucas) "Divided"
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Side: Would be Heroes, Duskbreakers due to circumstances
Home: Town Square
Looks:Sebastian "Divided" Ic23h0

Personal Information
Personality: As he is currently being controlled by Andrew, he doesn't quite fit these personalities exactly.
Aidan: Aidan embodies Sebastian's kindness and placidity. He tries to diffuse dangerous situations before they descend into violence. Has the 'Voice' power.
Damien: Damien embodies Sebastian's desire for order and planning. He normally coordinates the others to attack. Has the 'Telepath' power.
Kirke: Kirke embodies Sebastian's aggression and rage. He usually acts before thinking. Has the 'Punch' power.
Lucas: Lucas embodies Sebastian's shyness, insecurities, and fears. He tries not to get into conversations with others. Has the 'Invisibility' power.
Sebastian: Sebastian is a mixture of the other four. Most prominent in his personality is Aidan, who contributes to his kind, placid, and overall helpful demeanor. Lucas comes next, contributing fears, shyness, and insecurity. It is due to Lucas that Sebastian is self-conscious about his appearance and whether or not he looks 'stupid'. Damien is third most prominent, contributing Sebastian's need for order and stability in the environment around him. Finally, Kirke contributes the small amount of rage in Sebastian, which only manifests itself when he has been attacked or someone he cares about has been attacked.
Likes: Noah, depends on which part of his personality you ask.
Dislikes: Fighting too much, his split condition, being controlled by anyone
Fears: Noah dying, dying himself
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Noah once he can relocate him.
Powers: Multi-Power (Split Persons)

Weapon Information [if any]: N/A

History and RP Sample

History: Sebastian grew up in the slums of Mount Haven, which didn't change too much when it changed to Duskbreak City. He was close friends with a fellow-orphan named Noah, and the two of them spent almost all of their time together. It was eventually known to the pair that Noah had a strange power: he could accelerate the growth of plants, and after a while, learned how to grow plants from nothing. Sebastian was slightly sad that Noah had such an amazing power while he didn't, but he was glad that Noah didn't ever change to become very pompous about it. Noah used his power to keep the pair of them alive, while they searched for abandoned buildings to colonize with plants. However, there was an issue. Since Sebastian was a normal civilian, he was a perfect test subject. The fact that he was an orphan made it easier to get at him, so when Noah was gone for too long, he was abducted and afflicted with the mutation. He was split into pieces, and a Duskbreaker member named Andrew (who goes by Impulse) was assigned to control and coordinate him. He now does crimes for the Duskbreakers, since he can't do much else (at least, of his own free will).

RP Sample:

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 1
Speed: 2
Fighting Ability: 2
Power Control: 3
Durablity: 3


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Sebastian "Divided" Empty Re: Sebastian "Divided"

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