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Post  Draco on Thu May 05, 2011 12:10 am

General Information
Name: Draco
Age: 73, looks 18
Gender: Male
Side: Evil
Home: New York
Looks: Fear Incarnate Alucard_by_nasumaru

Personal Information
Personality: The one thing that describes his personality is one word that makes men cry, women beg, and dogs howl. Insanity. He is litteraly conflicted by every emotion there is, not understanding many of them, but knowing they are there, even though he has complete control of them, they annoy him constantly. His ruling emotions are nuetrality and love. He lacked love growing up and seeks it constantly as a man. Some see him as a manwhore, or a womanizer, the truth is he just wishes to be loved. Once he finds a single woman he loves he will settle down, until then he might as well have a hell of a time, right? To be honest he is deeply lonely, as part of his depriving childhood. He has few things he hates, but one thing that manages to bring out his true hatred, and that is arrogance. While he himself remains slightly prideful, he knows he can be beat, and hates when people act as though they are better than anyone else. His true hatred lies within those who are prideful yet cannot back it up. He also hates those who look down on themselves for things others have done to them, or those who overdramatize with the situation. His way of looking at things is, if you have power and interefere, you need experience, if you have power, but manipulate events to better yourself and your allies, you are truly magnificent. He respects intelligence, holding an IQ of 153. He also loves making people feel fear, an odd effect of his powers.

Likes: Sex, Tentacles, Fightning
Dislikes: You, not having sex, people who are arrogant.
Fears: Having a fear.. OH SHI-
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Relationship Status: Single
Powers: The true powers of Fear

Weapon Information [if any]: indestructible sledge hammer, made in gadget zone.

History and RP Sample

History: It was a humble start really, he was just a prince of England at birth. Of course the fact that he was proclaimed dead after being kidnapped was not a very good start to his exciting life. He was kidnapped by poverty, and sold into slavery, of course none of that truly matter. What mattered was that he could do nothing about it. Fortunately through all of this his sister had been with him, not his blood sister, but his slave-sister, the slaves had to stick together to survive, especially that young.

However once the slave master had killed the girl, something inside of Draco snapped, as if the seal holding back his power was busted, equivilant to the hoover dam breaking. The sheer power and rage that Draco expelled shot off and destroyed the chains that binded him, killing those around him, and the slave master was next. After calming down, Draco made a memorial for the dead. Draco spent the next few years of his life rising up the ladder, making money the best way he knew how, stealing. Of course Draco was captured for interrogation due to his alliance with the rebellion in the country, but he never spoke about them. Instead he had spent fifty years locked in that prison, never aging. After he finally got bored enough to simply break the bars and leave, as no one gaurded him after the fiftieth year. Currently he works in New York City, doing whatever the hell he pleases, but he does wish to build an empire, currently he only has spies looking into each super hero and each villian.

RP Sample: Buu had left the hotel he had stayed at, knowing full well that it was about time to return to earth. Now, he could just simply instantly transmit there, but he decided to hit a bar before he made his exit. His own thoughts soon turned to Freiza, and Cell. They would make an incredible team, but he would need a ship. He had very little money, but Freiza had tons. He oftened wondered where and how it was acquired, before remembering he couldnt give less of a damn. His next thoughts were far worse. He had met men before who threatened him and survived, but they were barely worth his time, and they only survived due to Buu merely putting them into permanent comas instead of death, far less hassle. However, the latest threat was very real. There remained a single person who could defeat him, and he had wanted his help, but it was worhtless. The dark abyss that was the being's mind could not help him. He had power, but he needed someone whose IQ outclassed his 135. He had a juggernaut, a genuis, and a leader, but he currently needed a strategist, not just a genuis. While the genuis was incredible at academic studies, such as biology, litterature, chemistry, and triganomitry, the strategist would be purely math and logic, being able to think of multiple possible escapes for even the most dangerous prison.

He cracked his neck as he walked, noting that he had a strange pleasure when he did it. He found it strange that even though he has no spine, he could still have pleasure with cracking his neck. He chuckled, walking calmly as his shoulders and neck popped repeatedly. He enjoyed not only the feeling, but the sound. This had the slightest effect of clearing his way from sidewalk traffic. Appearently some Saiyans were so weak they made Krillin look like Buu, and couldnt fly because of their incredible weakness. Even now he felt a weak power coming towards him. He chuckled as he forgot about sealing his power level. He didnt care, it made some Saiyan's around him litteraly shit themselves and run off. He chuckled at the irony of a monkey shitting itself. He did not veiw the saiyans as pure monkeys, there were some genuises here, but most werent on his level. He actually respected the saiyans to an extent, his race was originally a warring race, but had learned from the loss of its people to remain peaceful. The saiyan race, however, had not.

As he roamed the streets, he began to notice that there were much less races, other than saiyans around here, and everyone seemed to have a scouter on at all times. They cleared the way for him to walk through. The power level he had felt should be arriving soon. He estimated it was a few moments away, judging from how the energy seemed to rise as it got closer, though still weak by his own standards, its signature held a strange thing about it. It seemed he had met this one before, but.. he didnt remember anyone like this. He raised his eyebrow as he waited for the saiyan to land. He was standing in an empty lot, waiting with his arms crossed. He had black skin, a long tail like apendage ontop of his head, and instead of ears, he had strange open cylinder's where his ears should have been. He wore a black set of combat pants, matched with a black and red fighting gi, obviously weighted. He had a dark red sash as a belt. His boost were normal for any saiyan, but he was not near a saiyan. His muscles seemed incredibly compressed, possibly enough to allow him to throw cities with a single hand. He had a rather strange annoyed expression on his face. He was never a paitent person, always immediately having what he wanted, but he was working on that.

Many of the saiyans gawked as they began to recognize him. He was the fabled gaurdian of earth, one of the main reasons it had not been conqueered. He was the legendary Majin Buu, a majin, obviously. He was unmatched in power and wits, known to be able to manipulate any situation into his own favor, turning things around in the blink of an eye. He was also known for being similar to bubble gum, however those jokes had stopped since the one who started them vanished. He growled as he began to gather a bit of a crowd, scaring them away. The man should have been here by now, what did he stop to eat on the way?! Buu was growing very annoyed as the saiyans ran away. The saiyan should be here, so what had stopped him? Perhaps freiza was finally finishing what he started. He sighed at his own impaitence, knowing full well it had been about three minutes. He chuckled, noticing the irony at how he once was close to destroying the universe, but now he was protecting his own planet. He remembered his team, and began to think even more. As he did so, te saiyan's power level had come to at least twelve thousand, a good amount for a saiyan, especially one from this planet. They were usually arrogant and annoying, but he loved to scare them into humbility, it had proved fun so far.

Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Intelligence: 0
Ability Control: 4
Durability: 3
Fighting ability: 0

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Post  Cold Shock on Thu May 05, 2011 3:53 pm

Alright Larry one fix the likes [no useing the username code in it and remove the scaring the hell outta people with it]. Two pick good or evil. Three Alex Mercer does not exsist here due to him being a canon person in another universe. Four there is no blacklight virus here you'll have to get your power some where else.

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