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General Information
Name:Mr Hate
Home:The Slums
Looks:Mr Hate looks like a white man in a Brown and black stripped tux. He likes his Mofia style clothing and his cool hat that matches his outfit. He has medium sized dark brown hair thats combs over to the right side. Which gets in his right blue eye from time to time. His Build is medium as he stands 6,4ft tall. He is quite the charmer as he has a mischievous expression on most of the time or that of an insane madman.

Personal Information
Personality:Mr Hate enjoys being the wild card. One who goes around pulling pranks on others. He is a loner that likes to use his powers to manipulate others to help spread the chaos. He isnt lonely for Mr Hate is Truly satisfied with being alone. He gets very uncomfortable when people are nice to him. Hell even run away if he thinks someones trying to be his friend. Having very deep emotional issues Mr Hate keeps himself away from any time of romance. Due to his powers Mr Hate will throw himself into a Berserk rage from time to time to help in fights however he will randomly attack in his blind fit of rage. Which is fine for he works alone and doesn't worry about having to avoid hurting his allies because he doesn't have any.
Likes:Confusion,Pranks,Being alone,Sarcasm and Pain
Dislikes:Hugs, Kisses, Tickle fights, Teddy Bears, Anything classified under lovey dovey and Niceness.
Sexual Orientation:No Preference.
Relationship Status:Single
Powers:Hate Manipulation

Weapon Information [if any]: Two handed Mace for bashing in skulls.

History and RP Sample

History:Before he was know as Mr Hate. He was know by another name. Joseph Darks. Joseph Hate a happy life as he grew up with his family. He was always shy around girls but and after having his heart broken a few times had become very insecure about himself. Eventually Joseph stopped trying to find his soul mate. He would look away when he pasted women. Sure he would have a date or two every once in awhile but for some reason they would never last long. Joseph was an outcast he slowly started to hate himself. "It must be my fault!" he would say to him himself from time to time. Eventually the voice grew louder and louder inside his mind. Over time Joseph Developed another personality. A Smarter more clever personality that gave Joseph advise and would angrily curse Joseph when he failed. Joseph felt his original personality was too weak and less important. As the New Joseph soon overpowered his Mind Joseph became a completely different person. His Parents eventually died from cancer. Which Threw Joseph in a turmoil of agony and despair. Only Blaming himself Joseph hated himself. With no one to love or befriend him Joseph soon kept more to himself. Never truly trusting others only the Voice within. One day as Joseph walked down the the hill from the Cabin he was living in. A Small red meteor crashed besides him. Falling to the ground Joseph a little frighten but determined to get a closer look. Having nothing to live for Josephs fear soon ceased. Joseph then Reached for the Red Stone. It Burned his right hand giving his second degree burns. Quickly he dropped it. But it was too late the radiation from the small Meteor warped his mind. As both his personally fused and evolved inside his mind. A New Personality Had formed Mr Hate was Born. Having super powers and the ability to inflict Hate unto others had driven Mr Hate with new ambition. Moving to the Slums Mr Hate started his own mercenary business. Slowly acquiring funds Mr Hate was able to survive in his new run down apartment. After saving 100,000 dollars Mr hate closed down his Mercenary business. After buying himself some nice threads. Mr Hate was off on his own to spread Chaos and disturb the order of the world as we know it.

RP Sample:It was sunset in Kagamino city on this particular night. Amanda and Julie were going to there friend Ryan's party. As the night went on Amanda and Julie became totally smashed. Amanda went upstairs with a boy named Mike. Amanda had a frown on her face looking at her watch. "Hoolly ccrrappp iitss 11!!!! Mmyy pparentss are gooing to be pisssedd!!!!"
Some how Julie was able to fight off the horde of drunken teens making it to the door. Still wearing her high school uniform she stumpled into the night on her way home. Walking down the alleys to get to her house faster. There was a loud hissing sound. "SSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!"
Julie jumped in surpized "whhooss there!?" seeing now one julie started to get creeped out she started to run faster and faster.While the hissing sound got closer and closer. Stumpling into the walls of the alley until her knee hit a trash can. "Ouch!!!!!Ah dammit!!!" Julie clutched her knee in pain.The hissing noise stopped. A little relived Julie stood up. "I gotta stop partying so hard im starting to loose it.."
As Julie slowly started to walked home with a limp to her step Julie could almost swear the hissing noise was right in her hear "HISSSSSSSSSSSS!" Turning around slowly she could see anything.

Julie was then throw into the air by some invisible force! Crushing Her legs chest and arms! Unholy wrapped his body around Julie with a wicked smile on his face. "Hehehehe Poor little girl cant see me"
Julie tried to scream but Unholy's Body squeezed the air out of her.
Useing acid bite Unholy injected his deadly acid into her neck. Silent ago befell Julie as she suffocate and had the flesh on her neck start to melt off. After Squeesing her to near death unholy droped her. "I wish this fun would never end sssss but my darling there are many to torment and feast upon. You are pretty but having no hands i cant extract your pain correctly."

Unholy used Soul-Body Separation! Extracting the soul from Julies body and devouring her soul. The Horror on Julie face was that of true terror and agony. After playing with his food Unholy laughed as he slithered back into the shadows awaiting for his next victum.

Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Fighting abilites:3
Power Control: 4
Duribility: 1


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Mr Hate "Joseph" Empty Re: Mr Hate "Joseph"

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