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Post  Cold Shock on Sun May 01, 2011 11:29 pm

All stats start at 0 (human level). A starting character has 15 points they can put into skills- the one restriction on point allocation is no category can be maxed at start. Not all points must be allocated. After training, a character can receive more points and increase their stat levels. Under special situations, a character may start with more than 15 points but this is a privellege not a right.

Strength- Affects the character's ability to hit hard and lift heavy objects. Those with 3 or more points in strength have superhuman strength.
1- The character is athletically strong, but not beyond the capabilities of a normal human [ie lifts 300 lbs]
2- The character can quickly lift 600 lbs over their heads.
3- The character has the strength of ten men (can quickly lift over 1200 pounds)
4- The character can lift a truck and perform similar feats of strength
5- The character can lift a semi-truck and perform similar feats of strength

Intelligence- Affects the character's ability to plan. Psychics must be higher level intellect (3 and more). Those with 2 or more points in intelligence can create gadgets
1- The character is at the higher tiers of average intelligence
2- The character is beyond normal intellect, assembling gadgetry of advanced level or lower and formulating plans can be achieved in short times
3- The character is able to quickly react to new information and, after thinking, determine ways to explot an enemy's weakness. They are now able to use psychic powers.
4- The character is aware of their surroundings at a high level. They can notice an enemy's weakness and quickly think of ways to defeat them.
5- The character can notice the strengths of enemies and develop extreme level gadgets.

Speed- Affects the character's top speeds and their endurance. Characters with 3 or more points in speed can consistently run at top speeds without tiring
1- The character can move at speeds 50 miles per hour (80.4 kilometres per hour)
2- The character can run at speeds of 200 miles per hour (321.8 kilometres per hour)
3- The character can run at mach 1 without tiring themselves.
4- The character can consistently run at mach 2
5- The character can consistently run at mach 3

Fighting Ability- A character with higher fighting ability is more deadly with weaponry and able to take down stronger enemies with hand to hand combat. Those without any advanced fighting discipline would have a skill of zero.
1- The character posesses the accuracy of a trained marksman and the martial arts abilities of a first degree blackbelt
2- The character is as agile as a gymnast and as competent as a sharpshooter with firearms and other ranged devices.
3- The character can take down enemies that have a size or strength advantage. Can accurately and nimbly riddle their opponent's weakpoints with blows
4- The character can easily perform feats of acrobatics and accuracy. When using a firearm, they can shoot the wings of a fly without killing it.
5- The character's body is a dangerous weapon capable of challenging other heroes (although, they cannot harm those that are super-durable if they are lacking in strength). While this level of ability does not simulate super-strength, it provides the character a massive advantage on the ill-equiped in the ways of fighting.

Power Control- A character with greater power control can use his/her super powers more efficiently. To have non-standard superpowers (anything except super-strength, speed, toughness, or intelligence) a character must have at least 1 point in power control
1- The unique power has just started developing. The character can only use their super ability in simple ways.
2- The super power has developed upon stage one. The basic ability normally advances; however, if the character has a power set, a secondary ability may show up at this stage instead.
3- The character has developed their basic abilities to a state of high proficiency. If a character has a third ability to be unlocked it can be unlocked at this state.
4- The character can use their powers to great extents without tiring themselves. They have greatly improved the efficiency of their abilities and can perform many unique moves with their powers.
5-The character has nearly mastered their abilities. At this state there is still room to improve. The character's powers have developed into potent abilities capable of easily defeating several leser foes.

Durability- How tough a character is. If a character has higher durability they are able to ignore more damage; however, not even max durability makes the user invincible.
1- The user can ignore several light blows (punches from weaker characters) and withstand a few strikes from weaker weaponry (examples of weaker weaponry a .22 pistol, a baseball bat, and a butterfly knife).
2- Normal humans cannot dispatch character's of this level of durability without advanced fighting skills or weaponry.
3- Bullets or knives don't pierce the skin of this character and they are able to resist a bit of blunt damage. However, a character with this level of durability can still be hurt by excessive amounts of gunfire or explosives (even if not horribly injured).
4- Standard weaponry is mostly ineffective against the character with this level of durability. However, precision strikes from explosives and other powerful weaponry can harm the character. The user gains a resistance to lesser poisons and brief bursts of fire.
5- The character can take tank shells to the head without being stopped. Only super-powered attacks will hurt a character of this level durability.

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