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General Information
Name: aka “her” or “slipstream”
Age: 17
Gender: female
Side: none, does however oppose the dustbreakers due to personal vendetta
Home: slums
Looks: Jenifer is rather common looking for a seventeen year old girl, pale skin and striking blue eyes with an oddly uncaring stillness with dark brown hair worn parted on the left, bangs combed to the side falling at cheekbone length, down to the nape of her neck at the sides and the center of her back from behind. To most she would have a simple, subtle beautify about her but her lack of expression often surprises people that she meets. She is about average height and slightly underweight with a toned and gently curved body frame. She wears a black overcoat with a high collar and hood over a pair of fitting padded pants and a simple but functional shirt, also black with metallic plated boots and padded gloves. She carries a variety of weapons under her coat with a katana blade kept strapped to her back in its sheath when she’s on missions. Jenifer tends to wear a variety of street cloths when not working as slipstream but typically carries most of her smaller pieces of equipment with her at all times. During down time she can appear more human with a relaxed almost lazy demeanor but she wastes no time collecting herself and her appearance.

Personal Information
Personality: Jen has an extremely stoic, overly frigid demeanor about her. Even in the most hectic situations she tends to always remain strait faced and acceptingly focused on the task at hand. She is highly goal oriented and pursues her objectives almost regardless of the danger they may present to her, this is not courage necessarily but more so a fearlessness that comes from a lack of inherent survival instinct balanced by a powerful logic and a stronger willpower. Her outward coldness, though rather consistent is not her entire self but the other, more human side of her basically never surfaces. Her iron will and fortitude are the result of training and, like her utter lack of sensitivity to emotional trauma are not her innate attributes.
Likes: The idea that one day she might be able to let go of all that’s happened
Dislikes: Dustbreakers, idealists, memories
Fears: flashbacks to traumatic points in her life that she experiences often in her dreams
Sexual Orientation: Frigid, nonsexual
Relationship Status: not interested
Powers: dormant at present but are not far from emerging

Weapon Information:
-Jen's equipment
-Jen's Advanced equipment

History and RP Sample

History: Jenifer began life as an unwanted child born to a family on welfare in the slums of what is currently the quarantined “dustbreak city” to a father, mother and older brother. Soon after this their mother left the household for selfish reasons and was never seen by any of them again, leaving the children with a drunken, abusive father. From an early age she was emotionally, physically and on occasion sexually abused by her father in her late childhood to early teenage years but her brother was always a sort of savior figure to her, often intervening at his own pain and expense. Eventually the two of them resolved to run away from their father who, when all was said and done probably wouldn’t miss them and so the two came upon an orphanage in the slums in which to live. For a couple of years life became peaceful, the orphanage was by no means a pirfect home but compared to her last one it was wonderful to Jenifer, she began to make friends and slowly come out of her shell as she attended classes more frequently and caught up to the other children, finally being recognized as a particularly bright child and feeling pride in herself for the first time. Then however the outbreak of the dustbreaker’s mutation drug took effect and the resulting violence in the streets resulted in the destruction of the orphanage and the scattering of its occupants, life was once again uncertain. All the while her brother stayed close, and even though the streets weren’t safe at night, even though they were cold and hungry, he always did everything he could to make her smile. He worked himself tirelessly to earn money and even steal to feed them and keep them warm, he led her to a safe place to hide at night and every so often he would come back with something special for her, a treasure from the trash heaps in the alleys, a book, or just her favorite thing to eat, sunflower seeds. Times began to worsen with the growing influence of the dustbreakers and soon Jenifer’s brother was forced to make a very difficult choice; he could become stronger for her if he had a mutant power but would have to join the dustbreakers to gain access to their once plentiful but now coveted drug. In the end he had very little choice and joined them if only for the powers and the money. For a time he hid this secret from Jenifer who already had a deep loathing for the gang that ousted them from their only real home to wander the streets with all the other homeless but one day, when she was only fourteen the charade could go no further, something had gone wrong. Due to some sort of power struggle within the dustbreakers organization there had been some degree of infighting and her brother had been unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire, she found him under a tarp at a crime scene, a look of such desperation on his twisted, bloody death mask and in his hands a crumpled bag, sunflower seeds scattered on the pavement.
Unfortunately for Jenifer the dust breakers knew by now that her now deceased brother had a connection with her and, not being the sort of group that would allow an ordinary human to pass by them, took custody of her and forced their mutation drug in to her. When no powers emerged the gang resolved that she was of no use to them as a member and was better suited to act as property and sold her in to a human trafficking network inside the city. The things she was forced to endure and to do reminded her all to well of her early days at home with her father, the one thing she had wanted more than anything to leave behind, and always there was that haunting final image of her brother. Eventually Jenifer truly felt as though she would lose her sanity, maybe even wished that she would, but the pitiless hand of fate held her back from that final breaking point as she endured for an entire year. It was then that she met the man who would rescue her, whom she would come to owe everything to.
This man’s name was Duke and he had worked for the organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. for over thirty years, he had been all around the world, fighting in the wars of humanity and mutants alike. It was not until Duke lost his own son in such a war that he began to question his ways, after a long time Duke resolved that conflicts could not always be won by large scale military operations, sometimes things were less simple, sometimes civilians were being used by the enemy, sometimes the enemy didn’t use military tactics at all but rather more underhanded ones, and that the dustbreakers take over was just that kind of situation. His resolution; assassins, and his subject, people like Jenifer whom had been given mutant bodies but had since vanished under the radar of the dustbreakers. He rescued Jenifer from a life of abuse and slavery but this refuge was not to be free, she would have to train and that training would be difficult, that much was made clear to her. Though completely unstable emotionally Jenifer had no choice but to pour herself in to her new teachers lessons, learning to use the strength speed and reflexes of her mutant body to fight. More than anything else Duke taught her to distance herself from her mind, to rid herself of fear, pity, disgust, sorrow, guilt and anxiety for the sake of her mission. Those emotions were ones her mind was all to keen to repress as it was so his training worked extremely well until Jenifer was able to put her pain in its place and move on through the brutal training she received. Soon Jenifer was a variable killing expert in weapons and martial arts but still possessed no mutant power, though Duke assured her it would surface later on. Over the years of training and simple assassinations a slight bond formed between the two, Duke was not nearly as kind as her brother, who had since become absolutely perfect in her mind despite his flaws but he was fair to her and in many ways a mentor. Finally Duke gave her a set of equipment, tools from his days at S.H.I.E.L.D. and explained her mission, she was to assassinate the leader and founder of the dustberakers, whom was still unknown to the two of them, but Jenifer added her own targets to her ultimate mission as well, she wanted desperately to avenge her brother and to kill the creator of their mutation drug, all three of her targets still remained to be known. With her new equipment came a final task, Duke was going to atempt to kill her, if she was to weak at fighting to kill him she would not complete her mission and might as well die there, if she could not overcome their bond to kill him she would be unable to function as an ideal assassin. So it came to pass that mentor and student, teacher and ward, councilor and patent, and friends fought a fatal duel holding absolutely nothing back. In the end, Jenifer pierced his vital organs with an adamantine blade, Dukes final words to her were “your not aloud to cry over this, not one tear you hear me?” and so his last request was honored, Jenifer abandoned tears along with the second real home she ever knew.
From then on Jenifer, adopting the mutant name “slipstream” became an accomplished assassin, flying under the dustbreaker’s radar she spent many months carefully choosing targets and eliminating them, always gaining information about her three ultimate targets where ever possible, though she is not entirely unknown she possesses enough anonymity to move freely through the city and takes care to leave no witnesses. A strait faced, ice hearted killer with a sense of purpose that asks nothing in return.

RP Sample: The room shed rented for the week was a right mess already, papers lined the desk over which leads had been tacked directly on to the wall itself, the tangled web of her investigation a literal clutter that surrounded her. Jenifer looked out the window, at the distant streetlights and seemingly empty pavement they lit up, street lights shed been looking at her entire life. Under the dim light of the roads figures moved in the distance, who knew what they were up to? In a city like this who even cared? It was always some sort of battle, some sort of struggle, and hers was no different, it revolved around the dustbreakers like they all did. There was, fortunately no time to contemplate such things as she undressed in the comforting darkness that was her room, seeing her frame in the mirror only by dim lights that filled her room. She slipped on her outfit, the outfit that she wore every night, the only one that made any degree of sense any longer, the outfit of slipstream the mutant assassin, at least she knew her purpose and Jenifer had none, that purpose had died out long ago, slain in an empty street with a bag of sunflower seeds in its hand what seemed like lifetimes ago. She sighed, it was time to go to work, to return to the hunt, the investigation, the assassinations, her purpose, her one constant. She sighed as she slipped on her coat, it was time to begin again.

Strength: 3
Intelligence: 2
Speed: 4
Fighting abilities: 4
Power Control: 0
Durability: 2

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