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Noah, "Overgrowth" Empty Noah, "Overgrowth"

Post  Gael on Thu May 12, 2011 12:00 am

General Information
Name: Noah, known as "Overgrowth"
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Side: Heroes
Home: The Slums of Duskbreak City, in a special sector nicknamed Verdentia.
Looks: Noah is rather short at only 5'6", and he has fairly pale skin. His hair is a strange off white, very short, and sort of puffing outwards. He wears a white visor, pushing the hair down a tad, and tilted at a 45 degree angle. His eyes, a pale blue, are often obscured by the shadow cast by his visor. He also wears tan cargo shorts and a dark, dark green sweater tied around his waist. He seems to refuse to wear shoes... ever.

Personal Information
Personality: Noah is a friendly and kind person who tries to help others whenever he can, especially if they are harmless pedestrians in the slums. He doesn't mind the mutants... as long as they aren't Duskbreakers, that is. Then he'll kill you. He lazes around whenever possible, usually strolling casually to his destination. He doesn't like to interrupt others, and especially doesn't like getting into non-Duskbreaker related fights. He has an assertive, strong, impassible personality, but only if he's near Sebastian.
Likes: Plants, fruits, veggies.
Dislikes: Meat
Fears: His friends, especially Sebastian, getting hurt.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Taken, by Sebastian
Powers: Herbakinesis

Weapon Information [if any]:

History and RP Sample

History: Noah grew up as an orphan alongside his best friend, Sebastian, in the slums of Mount Haven, now Duskbreak City. He found, at the age of nine, that he was a mutant with the ability to accelerate the growth of plants to a phenomenal degree. Using his powers, Noah began using the seeds of thrown away fruits to grow new plants, which he used to feed both himself and Sebastian. Using this power, he was able to support himself and Sebastian rather comfortably. However, when he turned eighteen, Noah returned home to find Sebastian missing. After asking a few locals, Noah learned that Sebastian had been abducted, presumably by the Duskbreakers. Infuriated, Noah began fighting back: from a small abandoned factory in the slums, Noah began radiating out with a spreading mass of vines. As he worked outward, the vine enclosed areas (codenamed Verdentia) became known as a Duskbreaker-free zone. As of right now, Noah's 'Verdentia' covers a good 1/8 of what used to be Duskbreaker territory.

RP Sample:

Strength: 0
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 4
Fighting Ability: 1
Power Control: 4
Durability: 2


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Noah, "Overgrowth" Empty Re: Noah, "Overgrowth"

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