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Post  Cold Shock on Thu May 12, 2011 8:40 pm

Gadget Name:Wire Gauntlent
Rank: Advanced
Creator:Duskbreak Leader [giving to cold shock for a weapon]
Appearance: A onyx gauntlent that goes up to the elbow and his wire wrapped around the wrist.
Effect: Useing electric power the wire is shot out of the finger tips and wraps around the opponent if hit restricting them. The wire is fire proof and can either shock or burn an opponent.

Gadget Name:Unlocking Gauntlent
Rank: Extreme
Creator:Duskbreak Leader
Appearance: Gauntlents Images12
Effect: The Gauntlent uses each gem seen in the knuckles of the gauntlent feed off the users power and feeds it back to the large gem ontop of the gauntlent powering the user up and unlocking the users true power. Along with making the user tuffer and increasing his speed and fully unlocking the brains abilities. How ever due to draining the users power to make them more powerful. Their super power won't be as strong.

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