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Slipstream's advanced equipment Empty Slipstream's advanced equipment

Post  Rasher on Sat May 14, 2011 9:16 pm

Gadget Name: Retribution
Rank: Advanced
Creator: “Glitch” a duskbreak city weapons dealer
Appearance: Slipstream's advanced equipment Seras_Victoria%27s_Gun_2 with its name engraved on the non visible side
Effect: A 50 mm caliber anti mutant cannon, designed to be used with both 20% adamantine tipped shells and exploding incendiary shells, used to destroy the most heavily armored of mutant targets with implications as an anti tank weapon with a maximum range of three thousand five hundred meters (over two miles), though it weights two hundred kilograms and is over six feet long it can collapse for portability. It has extra handles as well as retractable sights and support buttresses on the tip, middle and butt of the gun with shock absorbers built in to handle the massive recoil. The shells are loaded in one at a time but the gun has a larger version of a riffle’s loading system which pulls back to discard empty shells while opening to receive new ones for ease of access with a handy leaver below the barrel before the trigger.

Gadget Name: 20% Adamantine tipped anti mutant shells
Rank: Advanced
Creator: “Glitch” a duskbreak city weapons dealer
Appearance: silver headed objects with metallic casings that appear as giant riffle rounds
Effect: These are personal artillery grade munitions designed for Slipstream’s “Retribution” where as some of the most powerful mutants can even resist tank shells these will handle them with ease, the tips and casings shells and the rounds themselves were designed to utterly destroy the bodies of mutants but are powerful enough to break through military grade advanced defenses. A highly terrifying weapon that can even overcome shields created by mutant powers using only adamantine and already existing military technology, the shells contain ten percent brass to prevent magnetic powers from working on them (brass is non conductive and non magnetic)

Gadget Name: Explosive incendiary anti mutant shells
Rank: Advanced
Creator: “Glitch” a duskbreak city weapons dealer
Appearance: they appear as giant riffle rounds with metallic tips just as the tipped shells do but with a strip of red around the base.
Effect: 50 millimeter caliber incendiary rounds with B.T. artillery fuses, and titanium casings that pack enough punch to be used to destroy standing structures of most any size and burn large areas, aside from their counterpart adamantine shells they are unrivaled by their destructive ability even by rocket launchers.

Gadget Name: Slipstreams helmet
Rank: Advanced
Creator: “Glitch” a duskbreak city weapons dealer
Appearance: This helmet has three main peaces, a shell like plate worn over the upper half of the face with a narrow, bullet proof visor covering the entire top of the head, a mask that covers the lower half of the face in plating that can be opened in the front to allow the user to speak and a black piece worn under the clothing that covers the neck and shoulders.
Effect: The entire set up is bullet proof and protects the entire head and neck, in addition to this the shape of the helmet removes wind resistance allowing the user to have a smaller drag zone while running at super speeds, this enables the user to reach their maximum speed much quicker and stay at that speed longer, it also makes maneuvering at high speeds much easier as the visor prevents the need to close ones eyes at speeds exceeding human movement to avoid getting debris in them. The helmet also has built in telescopic vision, night vision and thermal vision which can be switched on and off as well as enhanced by a small dials protected by the upper plate found on the sides of the head

Gadget Name: x suit
Rank: Advanced
Creator: Imported from outside the city from the Xavier institute
Appearance: A black, form fitting body suit complete with hands and feet tailor fit to the users exact body
Effect: bullet proof, temperature controled and very light, it can be worn under any clothing even other gloves and shoes

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