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Magnetokinesis Empty Magnetokinesis

Post  Mr.KnowItAll on Sat May 14, 2011 9:32 pm

Power Name- Magentokinesis
User- Mr.KnowitAll
General Abilities- Magnetokinesis is the ability to control or generate magnetism.

Level 1- The user has the ability to attract or repel small metal objects nothing bigger than stop sign

Level 2- The user can now control things bigger objects like cars, motorbikes, or tanks

Level 3- The user can repel himself off the earth's magnetic field giving him the ability to leviate or fly

Level 4- The user can manipulate the metal objects he controls enabling them to made into weapons, minions, and even armor. The user could also use this defenesly by creating shields.

Level 5-The user has develops an ability of geokinesis, control over the ground, for most of the earth contains metals

Weakness- This ability is completely dependent on how much metal is in the surrounding area. If there is not enough metal the user's ability is greatly limited. For example if the user was stuck in the middle of the ocean or an island there would not have enough metal to save himself.

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Magnetokinesis Empty Re: Magnetokinesis

Post  Rasher on Sat May 14, 2011 10:02 pm

given that this rp takes place in a city center, the weakness is inherently flawed (as there will always be metal around) but given that the power is standard and well within the bounds of the marvel universe


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