Malevolence (finished)

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Malevolence (finished) Empty Malevolence (finished)

Post  Mr.KnowItAll on Sat May 14, 2011 10:51 pm

General Information
Name: Malevolence
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Side: Duskbreaker
Home: The slums
Looks: Malevolence (finished) 09-02

Personal Information
Personality: Malevolence is kinda of loose cannon who likes misusing his powers to torture regular people. He sees his powers as a blessing rather than a curse, and regular people are inferior to the mutant race. Malevolence joined the duskbreakers for the sole purpose of having the absolute freedom to use his powers as he sees fit unlike heroes who have to restrain himself. He has no sense in bad or good thinking of them as matter of perspective and not absolute truths. In his view the only thing that matters is power. Those who have should use them to their fullest desire. Those who don't either suffer or perish. Despite this he does show a sense of loyalty to his fellow duskbreakers. In complete contrast of his nature, he always tells the truth despite the consequences. This does not mean that he will always answer though when asked a question.

Likes: Using his power to cause mischief and chaos, women(for the most part), gambling

Dislikes: Peace, waiting, being told what do do, and being alone

Fears: Bring locked up in jail, losing his powers, and fire

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Powers: Magentokinesis

Weapon Information [if any]: None

History and RP Sample

History: Malevolence was born in the slums, where the mutants lived. Life was hard for him and his family. His dad worked two jobs one at a factory and part time as security. His mother worked as a waitress in a club. They lived from paycheck to paycheck, and either of them taking off of work was unthinkable. Thus Malevolence grew up alone with his four other siblings. He was the oldest so it was his responsible taking care of them. Malevolence didn't care about his family, and left them at the age of 10. Then when he discovered that he had mutant powers. Things turn to the worse. He let his powers go to his head. Stealing, killing, or torturing anyone who got in his way particularly normal humans. Malevolence saw mutants as superior to humans, and made sure they would know it. At sixteen, Malevolence had heard of a group called duskbreakers and wanted to join their group.

RP Sample: Malevolence was walking throughtout the slums. A couple of thieves came out from the shadows of the alleyways. Most of them carried pipes for clubs, knifes, and a few had guns. Malevolence grinned warning them to drop their weapons if they knew what was good for them. They didn't listen. They slowly crept surrounded him cutting off any escape. "You humans have no idea who you are messing with." Malevolence waved his left had activating his magnetism powers. The guns flew out of their owners hands into the air. Malevolence magnetically pulled the tigger killing their owners. Malevolence spun the guns around himself like a tornado releasing the bullets upon the surrounding people, until the clips were empty. Five handguns dropped to the ground since Malevolence had use for them. He stepped over the corpses of bodies "Hmmm this reminds me I'm hungry,"

Strength: 2
Intelligence: 1
Speed: 2
Fighting ability: 2
Power Control: 4
Durability: 2

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Malevolence (finished) Empty Re: Malevolence (finished)

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