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Post  Aidan on Sat May 14, 2011 11:59 pm

General Information
Name: Cody Collins AKA ' Nitro '
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Side: Heroes
Home: Upper Town
Cody Collins ' Nitro ' 52572910

Personal Information
Personality: Cody is described as a happy person who has a leadership role at school. He is a funny person who knows how to use his looks. Cody can be aggressive when something or someone he loves is dangered. He is the classic hero to one of your heroic tales about Spider Man. He is usually very happy and can spread that to other people.
Likes: Girls, and Sports
Dislikes: Duskbreakers
Fears: Death
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Is always Open
Powers: Nitrokinesis alone for the moment

Weapon Information [if any]:

History and RP Sample

Cody Collins lived a normal childhood. He wasn't born with any mutated powers and let his energy flow while he didn't know it as a baby. He didn't have the gift of Telekinesis and unlocked it at some Monk Palace. He was just plain old Cody Collins. After Cody was born his mother died in the process. Before his mother died they lived in Atlanta, Georgia. After that his father wanted to start over and moved to Duskbreaker City despite the criticism.

Cody went to school like a normal kid did. Cody was a troubled kid at school. Even as a Preschooler back in his Pre-K days he got wrote up for putting sand down a girls pants. Cody managed to make it out of Elementry School without totally having a nervous breakdown about him having discipline problems. Once Cody started his teen age years at Goode Middle School. He got expelled from there and went to the crossroad schools. That is where the troubled kids went to school.

Once he got back to regular schools he was already in 9th grade. He was 15 and this is when he was jumped in the slums and used as a test subject. They were working on a new drug that was injected but was inhaled. They put him in a steel room all by himself and sprayed the Mutant-Gas into the room. He held his breath as long as he could but he eventually caved. Then he passed out and woke up back in the alley.

The Police had been looking for him for days. He found his way back home. He was in-caved in his room catching back up on school work. He was walking the streets again when someone attempted to jump him again. He was enraged and just pointed his hands at the man ready to push him and then... BOOM! The concrete beside the men exploded. The man collapsed in terror and ran away. Cody looked at his hands and he could only say one word... ' EPIC! '

Cody soon realized his powers and then started to train them. He also realized he was gaining physical capabilities impossible for a mere human! For example, He could pick up 600 pounds over his head and could constantly run at Mach 2 speed! Cody knew he couldn't go around using this power so he had to pick up an Alias. He didn't know what to call himself but then he found out the ability he had, Nitrokinesis! So he called himself Nitro from then on!
RP Sample:
When Aidan landed in West City there was a parade for Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan was waving his hand to everyone and he was making loud grunts and flexing also. Aidan walked up to Mr. Satan on his Parade Float. Aidan said, ' May I ask who you are, and why are you in this act of celebration?'' Mr. Satan let out a loud laugh and said this into the microphone, ' This chump doesn't know who I am! Should I show this.. whatever he is? ' The Crowd shouted, ' No I don't think so he might have pals around here so I don't want to embarrassed him in front of his pals! ‘The Crowd aww'ed, louder then they shouted. Aidan laughed and the crowd hushed. Mr. Satan covered the microphone and said, ' Alright kid get off the float before I get violent. ‘Aidan smirked and jumped off the parade float, but then he grabbed the back of the float and picked it up, then put it behind him. Aidan laughed because Mr. Satan fell off.
( This is just a paragraph I picked from a Solo Topic )

Strength - 2
Intelligence - 2
Speed - 4
Fighting Ability - 2
Power Control - 2
Durability - 2


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