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General Information
Name:Bartin West
Home:Has a hotel room in Town Square.
Looks:Bartin stands at 5'9 with spiky blonde hair and green eyes with a lithe build designed for moving whether this comes from natural genetics or because his body designed itself for speed is unknown. His body is well muscled from constant running but it burns calories quickly so he has to watch himself. He has hawk like features with a sharp nose angular eyes and a sharp jaw giving him a handsome appearance. He wears a black shirt with a red hoodie normally pulled up over his face with matching red jeans and Black sneakers.

Personal Information
Personality:Bartin is a easy going guy who is a little lonely having to constantly move all the time out of fear of being caught. He enjoys speed the faster he can go the happier he is and sometimes races himself against fast cars just for fun. Though he enjoys speed he has fears of sleeping on the streets since he knows when asleep he is as slow as everyone else. He is a good kid but his fear drives him to steal to afford a hotel room.
Likes:Speed, Moving, Money, Girls, Speed, Going really really fast, Speed. Did I mention Speed?
Dislikes:People who get in his way, Anyone who tries to control him, Not having anywhere to go.
Fears:Being caught sleeping, Being trapped where he can't move, Staying on the streets.
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Relationship Status:Single
Powers:Super speed.

Weapon Information [if any]:
History and RP Sample

History:Bartin West was born into Duskbreak City to Molly and Drew West who raised him till he was three. At the time he started showing abnormal abilities such as being one place one moment then somewhere else in a blink his parents knew from the start he was a mutant and basically threw him away hating the things. Bartin was found by a old woman who was a psychic and Raised the boy as her own son until he was seven and she passed away leaving him alone in the world.

Bartin spent days in self pity until he became hungry and not knowing what else to do he stole his food using his speed he was so fast no one even saw him and thus started his life as a small time thief. Over the years he had been employed by people to steal stuff but he refused to go above that he would not kill or harm people to get stuff his speed allowed him to grab things quickly and efficiently so he saw no need for violence. At thirteen he was set up after stealing a gold necklace from a gang heads girlfriend she paid his contacts to send him to the slums where he was ambushed sadly they didn't know what Bartin could do and when eh took off he broke he ear drums of most people there. One who got to close lost all his teeth from the sonic boom.

Bartin soon learned how to start his speed without making sounds making him even more effective but he never forgot how useful that skill had become so he stored it away for later.

RP Sample:Bartin sat on top of a building his feet dangling over the side as he whistled watching the cop cars and listening to the sirens as they conveyed onto one point. The young teen leaned over to get a better look curious as to what was happening down there but not curious enough to investigate closer. He stood up looking at the sky and sighed it was such a boring day but it wasn't like he could leave the city.

The young teen heard gunshots and shook his head deciding that was a place he wanted to avoid so turning around he stood there for a moment like a crimson statue before he was gone vanishing from the building. Bartin only had to run like a normal person to go super fast his hood blowing back as the wind spiked up his hair his feet barley making a sound as he zoomed across the road and up a building flipping in the air as he landed and looked around as the sun rose. He placed his hands into his pockets and smiled for as long as he could run he was free.

Speed: 4
Power control:2
Fighting Ability:2


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