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Hotsuchi Demon of Earth and Fire Empty Hotsuchi Demon of Earth and Fire

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General Information

Name:Iken Namikaze aka Hotsuchi Demon of Earth and Fire



Side:Neutral for now

Home:South Dakota

Hotsuchi Demon of Earth and Fire Scan0002 Hotsuchi Demon of Earth and Fire Scan0001 Hotsuchi Demon of Earth and Fire Iken

Personal Information

Personality:Quiet and reserved most of the time. Finds ways to express his feelings, but it may take him longer than the average person. He loves his family and friends to no ends and there fore will throw his life away for them without hesitation. Goes into silent depressions when he gets down and has been through a lot allowing for him to bare a great deal of burden. At times he thinks to the past and mentally beats himself down thinking if he had only been stronger they wouldn't have died.

Likes:Friends, Family, and loved ones or anything he doesn't not like.

Dislikes:People that hurt the ones he loves.

Fears:Loss of loved ones

Sexual Orientation:Strait

Relationship Status:Single

Powers: Magmakinesis

Weapon Information [if any]:Hotsuchi Demon of Earth and Fire JH-5101-2

History and RP Sample

History:Iken was born to a signal mother on a small South Dakota farm she ran with her brothers. Soon after he was born his father ran off, leaving him to be raised by his mother and her close nit family. Iken grew up a fairly normal life, participated in sports such as baseball, wrestling, and football. The sports were easy for him, he was always one of the best if not the best. School passed him by, however he really didn't try. Despite not trying Iken was able to pass with high marks in almost every aspect. Due to his grades and sports activities Iken received a full ride scholarship and an all expense paid trip to Nyiragongo Volcano in the Congo.

Upon arriving Iken was escorted to a lovely room with all of the immunities he could want. After resting for a night Iken was ready for any activity the resort could throw at him. In the morning Iken had a mud bath followed by a hot coal treatment. For he afternoon activities he went off roading and that was followed by a hot coal walking contest. With the trophy from the contest in hand Iken went do his evening activity. It was a hiking trip to the volcano to see it's radiant glow during the night time.

All of the sudden the air became tense and the surrounding seemed surreal, birds and animals began to flee. Iken got a bad feeling and the people in the group seemed to start to panic. All off the sudden an explosion of energy came from the trophy he was carrying. When Iken came to everyone other than himself was dead. The activity from the resort even seemed to have stop, everything was quiet despite being in the middle of a usually bustling jungle. In the moments that followed a massive earth quake shook the earth causing a large split to form. Fire shot from in between the split earth causing a massive forest fire. In order to get away from the fire Iken made his way up the volcano where vegetation was not present.

As Iken reached the top he could see boiling and bubbling rock inside the volcano. However what surprised Iken was how close it was to the top. It was only a few feet from spilling over and it occasionally splashed just over the edge. An after shock from the earth quake occurred, Iken fell down and just about rolled back down into the fire. However he caught himself just in time as the after shock ended. Getting back up Iken looked to see the state of the volcano and surprisingly enough it had gone down and the lava wasn't visible. Iken felt relieved, but something deep down in side him told him to run. Despite the fire burn just below Iken ran toward it, just as the volcano erupted. The earth began to shake violently and Iken tripped, he fell down and everything went black. It seems he hit his head on a rock on the side of the volcano.

Waking up only god knows how long later Iken rubbed the part of his head that hit the rock. Iken was on a large rock surrounded by cooled, but chard rock. It looked like the magma had gone everywhere, but where he was. Using all of his strength Iken picked himself up and walked down the volcano, it seemed the split that had been created earlier was filled with magma and he was able to walk on it. Eventually Iken was able to find civilization and make his way to an airport. Luckily Iken was carrying his passport and some money on him at he time so he was able to get on a plane. On his way home the plane stopped in Dusk Break City, however unfortunately soon after the quarantine went up and no one was able to leave.

RP Sample: ((From the Steel Village arc, where I'm controlling four characters at a time)) War spread his legs getting into a sturdier stance before releasing multiple flame blasts. Each one hit a flaming bullet raising the temperature until they melted into nothingness.

"Bitch! Your battle is with ME! DO you really think you have the time to fight them as well?" roared war shooting flame from his mouth.

Using Soru War disappeared from view, a blast of fire in mid air from his hands and feet shot him even faster than soru speed. Like a powerful rocket War sped toward his target far faster than the human eye could see. War reappears in front of Morgan with a fist of fire aimed for a killing blow into her face giving her little time to block little lone dodge.

As Derecto landed on the ice his feet froze to the large pillar. Ice then shot up his legs until it covered them. Making a slightly shorter pillar of ice Death leaped down to Derecto's level.

"Awe birdy was too weak....You're no fun....sigh.....I need to find a real man to tango with." Death said turning her back and leaping down to find a stronger opponent.

Famine formed four large tentacles made from sand one for each foe. One of the tentacles shot up from the smoke cover using Kiba's own trick to it's advantage. The invisible cloak was pretty useless against Famine, he could feel out Kiba's location with the sand particles in the air whether he was visible or not. It was transformed into a spear or hard sand trying to spear the invisible man. The second tentacle shot toward Youri forming a large hammer on the end intending to smash him into the ground. It came from above, the sand hammer was large than Youri himself, the actual weight of the hammer was indeterminable at that time. The third tentacle formed into claws with sharp sand blades on the inside. This lovely demonic looking technique was launched again Myra. It tired to surround her and slice her with the sand blades on the insides. Finally the last tentacle was used against Barghest. It changed into a massive long sword, he used it determined to cleave Barghest in half.

Pestilence pestered by his comrades getting all of the action finally seen his chance. Leaping down Pestilence formed two serpents made of powerful poison at Zed and Thor. All of the sudden a hedgehog with dead marines sticking on her spines barged into the battle field. With a smile Pestilence formed a giant Hedgehog out of poison and sent it at Becky.

"Finally my time to SHINE!" Yelled the man manically.


Strength: 3


Speed: 4

Fighting Ability: 3

Power Control: 3

Durability: 4

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