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Post  Alex "ZeoFlare" Ruler on Thu May 19, 2011 1:03 pm

General Information
Name: Alex Ruler
Mutant Name: Zeo
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Side: n/a
Home: Dustbreak City
Hero Form:
Alex Ruler 20946-1
Flames dispell from his wrists when he prepares techniques. Also his flames are limegreen.
Public Form:

Alex Ruler Pbucket

Personal Information
Personality: He lives the life of a vibrant bachelor. He gained control of his father's company and became a ruthless businessman behind the scenes of the company, but lived carefree outside the business. When he came in contact with the X-Gene and mutated, Alex took on an alter ego in "Zeo". As Zeo, Alex is laid back, yet fights for justice. His goal is to rid Dustbreak City of the Dustbreakers.

Likes: Fighting, His Powers,
Dislikes: Superhero Villian Wannabes
Fears: Failing his goals
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Powers: Zeo-Flame Manipulation

Weapon Information [if any]:

History and RP Sample

Alex was born to a strong business father, who did not treat him as a son. Alex loathed his father, who sent him away to boarding school. While at boarding school, Alex changed his surname to Ruler. While away, Alex came in contact with the X-Gene. This mutated his body and gave him the Zeo Flame Manipulation. He took on the name Zeo.
Upon returning to Mount Haven, Alex began rebuilding his empire. He took over his father's business, and began a conglomerate in Mount Havoc that put on a front to the public, creating thousands upon thousands of jobs, and everyday items. His business became bigger than Wal-Mart. He produced everything from computers to toilet paper. Behind the scenes, in a personal laboratory, he began working on the serum again. He wanted to slowly build his own army of mutants to wage a war against not only his father, but the entire nation. Upon hearing that Mount Haven was quarantined, Alex decided it was time to introduce Dustbreak City to Zeo, the Zeonian Superhero. Using his Zeo Flame Manipulation, he vowed to fight the villains of Dustbreak City, becoming arch enemies with his childhood friend, Justin Rigo, who is now known as Hydro.

RP Sample:
Alex/Zeo glared at Hydro. The latin super villain grasped the female reporter. Alex/Zeo could hear her screams of peril. Clenching his fists, Alex/Zeo channeled the fire within his body into his fists.
The Great Zeo is preparing to go down in defeat! This is a great undertaking for myself and X-13 Mutants as well as The Dustbreakers. Not only will X-13 become notorious for ending the career of the biggest threat to The Dustbreakers, but we’ll finally be accepted into their ring” Hydro said.
Alex/Zeo swallowed hard. Hydro had dealt a difficult hand. Alex/Zeo was limited in what he could and couldn’t do. Aiming his fists at the ground, Alex smiled, seeing another out of this.
Jet Thruster” Alex said, as his body propelled into the air by the limegreen flames coming out of his feet and palms.
RUN ZEO! Tell the world that you failed to rescue the damsel in distress!” Hydro shouted, giving Alex the opening he waited for.
Sea of Flames!” Alex shouted, entering a headive as the limegreen flames wrapped his body into a cacoon of fire, he dropped downwards, striking the mutant of water, as the damsel was released from his grasp.

Strength: 2
Speed: 4
Fighting Ability: 2
Power Control: 2
Durability: 1

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