Alejandro Sergey Tubalcain “la carnicero lanzador”

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Alejandro Sergey Tubalcain “la carnicero lanzador” Empty Alejandro Sergey Tubalcain “la carnicero lanzador”

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General Information
Name: Alejandro Sergey Tubalcain “la carnicero lanzador”
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Side: Duskbreakers, currently ranked number three in their hierarchy
Home: Duskbreak city
Looks: Alejandro is a middle aged Cuban man with a distinguished tan face weathered by time and possessing a great deal of character he exudes an aura of confidence and simplistic while somehow coming across as deeply terrifying. His graying black hair is slicked back and worn rather short with thin eyebrows and a dali mustache and steely brown eyes. He is slightly above average height and his clothing hides his build rather conspicuously given that he’s quite fit for his age. He wears a brown pinstriped zoot-suit complete with white gloves and leather brown dress shoes and matching belt with a thin black tie and dark brown porkpie hat complete with a red feather and a red handkerchief in his lapel pocket. His voice has a thick Cuban accent and a low tone.

Personal Information
Personality: Alejandro is a colorful, charismatic, narcissist and is thus a perfect gangster. He approaches life with a quiet, disarming confidence and builds his career carefully, he can often plan ahead and could potentially be considered diabolical as his plans often require the sacrifice of his subordinates to come to fruition. Not surprisingly he is somewhat of a social climber and a womanizer who is incredibly skilled at manipulating people. He uses his charisma, experience, subordinates and rank to his full advantage often acting with ulterior motives. Wise and devious Alejandro does not fear the repercussions that the many wrongs he has committed will cause, but rather thinks of them as part of the grand scheme of things.
Likes: Alejandro is fond of old things, vintage fashion, swing music, fine wines and cigars and young, attractive women.
Dislikes: Alejandro dislikes it when an individual repeatedly gets in the way of his endeavors
Fears: Has come to terms with many of his fears, no longer dreading the future or obsessing over the past.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Chauvinistic womanizer
Powers: Energization of Mater

Weapon Information: Ordinary objects, he uses playing cards, pens, rubber bands, paper clips, business cards, pencils, small rocks, glass bottles, anything he can get a hold of, though he does carry a large number of playing cards with him at any given time.

History and RP Sample

History: Alejandro was born in Cuba around the end of the cold war, his life early on wasn’t the easiest one but he and his brother made a living with their father smuggling contraband in and out of the country with faulty visas. Eventually their father ended up getting caught and sentenced in to a distant prison, though this was harder on Alejandro’s family then it ever was for him, in fact the young Alejandro had no truck with leaving them behind to live on his own, even with the knowledge that leaving home left them with out a breadwinner. At sixteen Alejandro came to America where he very quickly joined a gang, but with a good head for business and no morals what so ever he wasn’t in an entry position for long. With in a year hed taken over the gang and several others when he began to gain a reputation for a power he’d begun to master, one he was told was from a mutation in his genes. Eventually knowledge of his power spread and he chose to jump ship to a gang of mutants with impeccable timing as his ordinal gang was brought to justice shortly after. In this way Alejandro spent many many years in the life or an organized criminal always evading the law. Soon his crime sprees brought him to a promising city where he met a few rather promising individuals, and watched as these people set in to motion the take over of a century, claiming an entire city as their own. He’d chosen to join at the right time and thus was given a special opportunity, when he learned of a potential uprising within the gang he waited and let some violence break out before very systematically killing every single one of the splinter faction, including some of his own subordinates and a few other casualties (Including the brother of Jenifer Williams, my other character), an act which aloud him to rise to the position of the third dusk breaker, at the left hand side of its leader and part of something much bigger than himself.

RP Sample: Alejandro kicked back in his chair listening to the events of the meeting, though he rarely spoke on such occasions today’s meeting interested him, it was regarding a series of attacks on Duskbreaker territory, three buildings hit last week, their occupants murdered in mass, resources and files stolen and the buildings burnt to the ground, what’s more the last attack had been on the main base, the top floor blown to bits and the research staff murdered, the right hand man of the leader was speaking when he finished briefing everyone “Four days ago, as you may or may not recall I had an encounter with an assassin, a girl around seventeen. Though only one girl with out any sort of mutant power she possessed highly technologically advanced weapons and succeeded in injuring me before I escaped.” There was a murmur of shock at this, damaging the number two dusk breaker was unheard of, much less getting away with it. “she confessed, while we were fighting, to the first three attacks and I suspect that she’s responsible for this one as well, I had an artist prepare a sketch, which I will show you now.” Eventually Alejandro was passed a sketch of a slender, cool, sad eyed girl with brown hair and a hateful expression, he couldn’t help but chuckle silently to himself as the number two continued “The leader issued the hit on her some time ago, he’s transferred the control of divisions one through ten to me, our informants in the police department have also gone in to action investigating the girl, who’s name remains unknown, at present shes stolen over twenty million in capital and caused another ten hundred thousand in damages for each building, we cannot allow ourselves to be victims to one, slightly over armed girl gentlemen! Its disgraceful for the name of the gang” Alejandro clapped his hands “well then, perhaps I could be of assistance” he began setting a few cards in a stack “as you know, I work within our organization to stop small maters like this girl, we’ve done it in the past, and I have an idea, that just might work” he began piling the cards in to a perfect house “if she’s an assassin, she must be looking for one of us, if not more than one of us as targets correct?” the house was complete “then lets skip the middle man, lets extinguish her directly with a show of military force, and why not, Ill go personally to make sure the job gets done” the house of cards finally fell to the table, his hands folded over them “what do you say, gentlemen?” he asked holding up his hands in an open gesture.

Strength: 2
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 2
Fighting abilities: 3
Power Control: 4
Durability: 1

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