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Hate Manipulation Empty Hate Manipulation

Post  Unholy on Fri May 06, 2011 1:14 am

Power Name- Hate Manipulation
User- (Mr Hate)
General Abilities- (Inflicts Self or others With Hate)
Level 1- (Throws user into a berserk rage. Fights through pain and gains a slight strength increase.)
Level 2- (Throws a red ball of glowing hate. Anyone who is hit by the ball is filled with hate. They are more hostile to others basically there mad.)
Level 3- (Throws a Crimson ball of pulsing hate. Anyone who is hit by this hate is thrown into a Berserker state. Such as the Level 1 Ability.)
Level 4- (Throws user into an unstable rage. Gains an unbearable strength and speed increase but blindly attacks anyone in his path. Intelligence is decreased while using this.)
Level 5- (Upon making Eye Contact.User is able to focus all his powers. Filling any person with extrema levels of hate. Anyone effected by this hate has a great desire to do harm unto others. Only able to use once a week. Effects last for 4 days. Basically can use hatred to make a hero into a super villain.)
Weakness- (Must Make Eye contact with others. When inflicting Hate.When in Berserker state intelligence is dropped. And extended use of Hate powers reduces Durability)

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Hate Manipulation Empty Re: Hate Manipulation

Post  Cobdogred on Fri May 06, 2011 2:30 am


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