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Post  Alex "ZeoFlare" Ruler on Fri May 20, 2011 4:54 pm

Zeo Flame Manipulation Version 2.0

General Abilities:

The Zeo Flame Manipulation abilites are varied amongst user. The most common abilities will be listed for rp purposes. In general, Zeo Flame Manipulators can create, bend, and manipulate flames. By this I mean, the user can produce flames from within their bodies due to their body temperatures being obscenely high. This body temperature is all that is needed to produce fire, since the other element is always present: Air. In general, the user has access to only two abilities: The Flare Burst, which is a basic burst of flames from their palm used for striking one or multiple targets. The Flare Burst has no distance limiting it on how far it can be thrown, as long as the user has the strength required to throw it farther than ten yards. The second technique is called The Sea of Flames. It's a defensive maneuver that surrounds the user in streams of flames. (For Naruto Fans, it's like Gaara's Sand basically). The Sea of Flames takes a lot of concentration and energy to perform. If used too often, the exhausted user cannot call upon the flames.

Level 1- Zeo Flame Manipulation Ranked: Pyron

As a Pyron, the ZFM gains access to a plethora of abilities. They can now form their flames into weapons of destruction at will. They also gain five new techniques: 1) The Solar Burst- By taking in a huge amount of Sun Light, combining it with their flames, the user creates a stream of flames from their mouths that incinerates everything within a ten foot range. 2) Jet Blasts--Primarily used for flight, The Jet Blasts are flames that emanate from the users hands and feet to propel the user through the air. In some instances, the Jet Blasts can also be used to enhance melee combat, providing flame elements to the strikes. 3) Flare Dragon--The user manipulates all of their flames to take on the shape of a dragon that erupts from their cupped palms. The Flare Dragon engulfs a single target or multiple targets. The more targets, the less damage each target takes. 4) Wall of Flame---This is a defensive move that is less draining than the Sea of Flames, but upon using this technique to defend, the user is left immobilized for as long as the wall is being used. 5) Pyro-Works--- This technique can be used for a number of things. It's basically weak explosive flares that explode upon contact with an object or person.

Level 2- Zeo Flame Manipulation Ranked: PyroKnight

As a PyroKnight, the defensive manuevers increase. While this is a very defensive state of power, most if not all of the maneuvers learned at this stage can be offensive as well. The Five New Moves are: 1) Flare Shield-- A shield of flames erupts from the user's wrist, taking on the standard emblem of a shield. This shield absorbs any projectile. 2) Zeo Pyroknight Armor, Zeo PyroKnight Fist--Medieval armor coats the users body made entirely of flames. The user then proceeds to throw punches at the target with increased strength. 3) Zeo Pyroknight Armor, Zeo PyroKnight Blade--- The armor remains intact, but the user draws a flaming sword from within a pocket of space-time. The sword is extremely hot to anyone but the wielder. 4) Blast Out--Black Flames are drawn from within the user's soul. These black flames are extremely hot, ten times that of molten lava, and are used to stop all psychical attacks. 5) Black Flame Dragon---The Flare Dragon is created out of the Black Flames. This Dragon can strike multiple targets with the same amount of damage as it does a single target.

Level 3- Zeo Flame Manipulated Ranked: Zeo Pyron

As a Zeo Pyron, the user's body can gain withstand almost infinite heat. The User's appearance changes none, and they lose access to all PyroKnight abilites. Those abilites are replaced with Zeo Pyron's Five New abilities: 1) Zeo Flare Shield---The user creates a shield of solid metal that is coated in flames. The shield is sharp edged and shaped like a disk. It can be thrown at great distances to inflict damage on targets far away. 2) Zeo Flame Burst--The Zeo Flame Bursts are ten times stronger than a regular Flare Burst. This technique has multiple uses which will be discussed in the RP. 3)Zeo Sea of Flames--This technique is very different from the first technique. It doesn't require as much energy as the first and it is also an offensive move. This move not only prevents damage, but it also can send it back at the opponent requiring a lot of energy, if the user chooses to do so. 4) Burst Stream of Destruction--The user combines their rage with their Flames, and channels it out of their body through their mouth. This beam is highly damaging, and only usable if the user is pissed off majorly. 5)Zeo Jet Boosters--The Zeo Jet Boosters differ from the Jet Blasts in that the Zeo Jet Boosters enable continuous Flight, and cannot be used for melee combat, though they open the door for aieral combat.

Level 4- Zeo Flame Manipulator Ranked: Zeon

As a Zeon, The User is so powerful, their eyes glow with flames when they are pissed. The Flames of a Zeon are as hot as the sun. Only two new abilites are available at this level of power: Zeo Solar Burst--Drawing in sunlight to empower their techniques, the Zeon can releash the sunlight, their flames, and their rage all at once. Zeon Pyro Beam---a concentrated beam of fire that is emitted from the user's fingertip.

Level 5- Zeo Flame Manipulator Rank: Zeon Pyromaniac
As a Zeon Pyromaniac, the user's powers are at its peak. They've learned and mastered all their is to know about the power. At this level of power, they can learn to control one other element of Zeon (only after I've posted it). After learning to control that element, the user can begin creating effective combination techniques. Two new techniques are unlocked at this level of power: Super Nova--the user releases the hottest flames possible in a tornado of fire. and Pyro Cutter--The user unleashes multiple curved blades of flames from their fore arms.

Weakness- Zeons are weak to water in anyform including Ice.

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